Seisco manufactured and sold some of the best tankless water heaters on the market. Their tankless water heaters were powerful replacements for traditional tank-type heaters, delivering affordable endless hot water. The RA-28 is their most popular residential tankless and electric water heater, recommended as an ideal replacement of tank-type water heaters with its high energy factor and power rating along with its low operating costs.

Overall, Seisco used to provide a wide range of reliable and efficient tankless water heaters that were used as the main source to produce hot water in homes or businesses for many years.

Unfortunately, Seisco tankless water heaters and parts are no longer available for purchase.

Free Help With Your Seisco Tankless Water Heater Issues

We at DaSu Distributors are Seisco experts being that we were an authorized retailer of Seisco products for many years. We offer free Seisco tankless water heater support and can help you with any problems or issues you might be having with your tankless water heater.

Some issues can be fixed over the phone with our helpful assistance and you may not need to replace any parts. Other issues, however, such as those related to the control board or control panel, limit switch, temperature sensors, heating elements, flow rate, or other critical elements of the unit may not be able to be fixed or replaced, unfortunately.

Our Seisco experts can provide troubleshooting over the phone to determine if the problems with your Seisco unit can be fixed or not. Call us at (985) 759-0479 during normal business hours and we’ll be glad to assist you.

What if I Need Parts for My Seisco Tankless Water Heater?

Seisco tankless water heaters parts are no longer available, sad to say. If, however, it is not possible to repair your unit, the company A. O. Smith makes direct replacements that offer the same quality and performance.

A. O. Smith’s tankless electric water heater is a compact, easy-to-install solution that delivers continuous hot water and frees up space in your home. The company also offers a five-year warranty on their products, giving you peace of mind when making an investment in your home’s hot water system.

We at DaSu are an authorized retailer of A. O. Smith tankless water heaters and can help you determine which tankless water heater model is best for your particular needs.

Contact Us For Free Seisco Water Heater Support

If you are having problems with your Seisco unit, contact us at (985) 759-0479 for free technical support. We’ll help you troubleshoot your issues over the phone to determine if your Seisco unit can be fixed without the need of parts or a plumber and hopefully help you save some money.

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